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Some peace, more thoughts of this day
Did I feed the dog? The bills I have to pay!

No, no, I'll sleep now
I'll worry tomorrow
My Lord, my job's a joke!
The boss loves my sorrow.

I'll put it all out of my mind
Now, take me from the real world
Oh, no! Did I turn the iron off?
I really WAS a pretty girl..

I'll close my eyes
make it all disappear;
the stress of my day
The struggle all year

It just occured to me
As I lie here awake
By far my worst nightmares
My own mind does create!

They come when I am concious
I live them each day
So, sleep.........I beg you
....Please.....take me away!

Copyright B.Stallman 1999-2000-2001-2002


I'm's so dark
Don't know where I'm at
"Can anyone hear me?"
And leaving the chair where I sat
I feel eyes staring, but don't see a thing
I have become prey for some Darkness King

I must be sounds will I make
There's a light in the distance
A way to escape!

So I creep and I slither
I move very slow
I'm almost to the window
But they won't let me go

I'm's so dark
I cannot get away
I tried, but they hold me
Me.....their mark
.....their prey.....

Copyright B.Stallman 1999-2000-2001-2002

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