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Everyone Dreams

Everyone MUST Dream

Welcome to the Confederacy of Dreamers

Share the fantasies of the night

The whimsies envisioned during the day

That place between conciousness and the soul's longings

Close your eyes

Take my hand

I will lead you to a place of imaginings

I will lead you to Dreams


Now there are no tears..
My spirit soars to heights unknown
Reality switches gears..
And I am free..
No longer "me"

I am the wind, the rain, the stars
I am now true emotion
I leave behind all scars
Of life too void of devotion

I fly throughout the Heavens
To worlds rich and new
I fly straight through to joy
I fly straight here
to you

1999-2000-2001-2002 B.Stallman


Shh..don't wake her
Her beauty is deep
So calm..So peaceful
Emmersed in her sleep

Shh..don't wake her
Her fantasies thrive
Visions of happiness
Her sleep's now alive

Shh..don't wake her
A shame that would be
To end all she dreams
And the things she must see

Shh..don't wake her
We'll leave her alone
God, Himself is in charge
Of bringing her home

B.Stallman 1999-2000-2001-2002

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