I Fly
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"Dream" by SEFA Copyright © 1999

Light as a feather, yet my own true size,
I feel the wind lift me.....
cradling every inch of my body.

I stretch out while still fully embraced
by its gentle but powerful grasp.

~I am lifted higher~

Below, I can see the earth...
smaller, now,
yet more beautiful than before..
the trees, mountains and oceans
blending to a perfect union.

The colors.....
all distinctly different,
and become one perfect rainbow of harmony
while soft air sweeps my body.

I breathe as never before
this air cleaned by the heavens
and I am filled
with new energy
new joy
and new anticipation.

How miniscule my earthly troubles seem now,
....sailing overhead....
how small my worries on the ground.

Closing my eyes, I leave them all behind........

......and I fly......

text copyright©1999/2000/2001/2002 B.Stallman


The Unbelievable Picture at the top of this page
and is used
with permission
And with Profound Graditude
For her generosity
Please visit her fine site!

The Intoxicating melody
to which you are listening
is an original piece,
Tom Williams III

"Music For Your Dreams"

Thank you, Tom,
for granting me permission to use this piece!

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