Spooky Time at the RoadHouse Tonight

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It was one of those nights
at the roadhouse

smokey and dark
everyone nursing their shattered egos
with a drink;

flirting with fantasies
...that would never be...

"Why did she leave me?"

"Where has he gone?"

"One more, bar-keep!"

and so it goes...

Look around this room
What do you see?

Some poor "Joe" who works all day for nothing....
Can never seem to get ahead
but doesn't know why

And the gal there?
A Queen in her own mind
Ruling over nothing

"One for the lady, bar-keep!"

"and another for me."

and so this is my "family"

brothers and sisters in

some sort of pain

all sharing this "dinner" tonight

............and the music plays on...........

You Talking To Me????

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