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They're all around me!

They're under the bed!

The covers won't reach

to cover my head!

Whispering, "h e l p,"

Won't help a thing!

I know that they're ugly,

I know that they're mean!

The closet door's open!

I didn't do that!

Okay, just maybe...

MAYBE the cat...

Those monsters are "crawly"

They're slimey and goo

They're creepy and "itchy"

And stinky stuff, too.

If the sun doesn't

Rise out there soon,

I'll shake and I'll shiver

And cry like a loon

My teeth will fall out

From clacking so hard

And I'll jump through my window

And out to the yard

I'll run to the neighbor's

I'll scream for the cops!

I won't stop yelling,

Till this nightmare stops!!

shhh....the monsters might hear me

maybe I'll sleep

and when the sun rises

through the covers I'll peek

And then these old monsters

will be gone right away!

And I can be happy

Just to eat, laugh, and play.

The monsters are in here

Their secrets I'll keep

Maybe they'll leave now

If I go on to SLEEP!

1999/2000/2001/2002 B.Stallman

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