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I am proud to post these fantastic awards!

Please visit these wonderful sites!

Perhaps YOU, too, will win one of these fine awards!

From One GREAT guy!
Another Animal-Lover!
Thank you, Bob!

Have YOU hugged YOUR PET today?

Thank you, Pat!

We Are So Honored By This!!

Want to win OUR AWARD?

Click on the icon below, and in the subject area, type "award". Please tell us WHY you feel you deserve this award, your page URL so that we may view it, your e-mail address where we may reach you, and a brief description of your site. If you do NOT hear back from us within one week, then, sadly, we did NOT feel that you qualified for our DEDICATION TO THE INNOCENTS award.

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Honorable Mention!
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Awards For The "Innocents."

Thank you for these honors

These are honors that have touched my heart! Thank you!

Thanks, Skeeter! Thanks, Brian! Truly Wonderful!

So nice. Thank you.

Shadow, you are so beautiful!


This....from some DARLING kitties!